Notes from Scotland - A/W 2017


cotland has always been a land of mystery, uncovered beauty, and intimate magic. You could chalk that up to the great country’s fairy tales of shapeshifters and spirits or you could look around at the landscape and begin to wonder if it’s true. Take a moment to run your ngertips across a craggy stone wall emerging from the ground of the ancient, glacier-carved glens. It won’t be hard to imagine that a leaf skimming the top of an impossibly clear stream nearby could be the work of a mischievous spirit, not the wind.

This is a place that awakens your sense of adventure. Where else but Scotland could have produced winking charmers like Sean Connery and David Tennant? Even British royalty isn’t immune to Scotland’s wild majesty. When Queen Victoria and Prince Albert escaped the gilded dreariness of Buckingham Palace for the Highlands in 1842, they were so taken with the sprawling hillsides that they decided to make it their royal retreat. Balmoral Castle became a physical manifestation of their love for their land—they adorned its carpets, curtains, and upholstery with plaids of their own design, igniting a tartan moment throughout the court.

While the Victorian Era has come and gone, the elegant simplicity of tartans and tweeds have stood the test of time. You’ll be especially grateful for the enduring warmth of these solid fabrics if you nd yourself meandering the winding cobblestone paths of Edinburgh as evening comes—good thing you remembered to tuck those buttery leather gloves in your jacket pocket. Try to catch the scent of smoked game from the open doors of a nearby pub-kitchen, and that brisk mountain-born air will send unapologetic shocks through your lungs.

But you’ll forgive Scotland for its occasional broodiness when you see the setting sun light up the city skyline, weaving in and out of rooftops like a golden embroidery thread. And once you duck into a cozy Old Town pub and a smiling stranger pours you a whisky as you watch the glistening footprints from your still-damp Brogues disappear by the crackling replace... you’ll discover that there is indeed magic in Scotland.

From us with Love / Morris