Notes from the Aeagean Sea - Spring 2018.

Out here, all ambitions simply die - and that’s good thing. People become nicer, more approachable. There are no agendas. But if you want to get things done, this is the wrong place! There’s also something in the way we dress out here which helps to erase barriers and differences. The sartorial style is casually elegant, but being away from our usual roles allows everyone to become more confident, more experimental, more human.

Yesterday, our neighbour invited us out on his boat. The only thing that’s better than being on island looking out to the sea, is the being out on the sea, looking in to the island. The water of the Aegean Sea is a salty drug.

I swam and floated in the emerald-coloured vastness for hours. When you stay in the water, things begin to happen to your head. Afterwards, we played a game of backgammon, and my mind just raced and the game was over in 10 minutes. Long lunch. Nap. Day done.

For many years, the boats moored in the harbour seemed to get bigger every year. But now I think they are actually getting smaller – or more elegant at least. There are fewer floating palaces and more sleek sail boats. Thank God.

I once relocated to one of these islands for an entire summer with the clichéd ambition of writing a novel. Needless to say, nothing came down on paper, but I returned to town relaxed, tanned, with a clear head and full of energy. Eventually I wrote and published that book, with the energy built from the Aegean Sea, but the actual work was done during the gloomy autumn and winter months with a bare wall as my only view.

When on the island, I never cook. Every local man and woman is a cook, so I figured the island won’t need one more. Every night I go to the same Taverna, alone or with friends. They always keep the same table for me when I’m here. I never need to order - the owner knows what I like and just brings a few dishes. If you happen to be here, stop by and say hi - it’s the table just to the left by the entrance. Looking forward to seeing you.